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Reed Family Abductions

Thomas Reed and his family - brother Matthew, mother Nancy, and grandmother have a documented history of multi-generational abductions that would span over fifty years, and five states. This case file is one of the largest and must detailed, multi-generational abduction cases in the history of MUFON.

In this case, most of the family members share the same blood type, O Rh negative, and A Rh negative. Before, during, and after these abductions, neither Thomas nor his family members would have their memories fully blocked, they were wide awake, aware of what was happening, and allowed to recall almost all of what took place during the abductions.

Thomas is convinced this was there indoctrination period, which was why the family was able to recall so much of it so clearly.

These clearly remembered experiences with multiple family members would add first and second person verification and view points. Thomas would be the first to search and locate the earlier landing areas where his and his brother's initial abduction occurred.

Thomas has documented several of the symbols he saw on board the craft, which MUFON has forwarded to Bud Hopkins. This case has been investigated for over twenty years by MUFON, various police investigators, and UFO abduction groups.

Thomas has taken and passed a polygraph and undergone age regression hypnosis in 2010 at the Knoxville Hypnosis center to aid in additional memory recovery regarding the 1969 abduction, but almost all of the information is recalled without hypnosis.

Thomas and Matthew Reed's first abduction started with orbs in the spring of 1966, with the orbs appearing in their shared bedroom. The orbs seemed solid like glass, but without density, the balls were not luminous but resembled a shiny hole in the air that you could not see through with a bluish outer ring.

The orbs had direction, one of the orbs moved slowly to the left of the window then along the south wall of the room just below the ceiling. Thomas felt as if they could see, and were watching him, he closed his eyes hoping when he opened them, they would be gone, he did this several times.

Within days, the first abduction occurred. Beings now known as Grays, who glowed softly like they were ghosts, appeared in their room. Thomas recalls light and in seconds the boys were outside their home in a field along a tree line on the edge of his family's property.

Thomas recognized the path as Thomas and his mother would ride their horses along it often. At this point, the Gray's illumination ceased and Thomas could see their structure, and what looked like a mask or the headgear, which they kept on at all times.

They came to a small clearing on their right side; they could see the craft and a being standing to the right of it.

Thomas was first in a line ahead of his brother and the Grays. When they were within twenty feet of the craft, Thomas turned his head to see Matthew, but he and the beings were now gone. Thomas became fixated on the being standing to the right of the craft and said he was summoned to walk towards him, as calm came over him.

The being raised his arm and lightly placed his right hand in the center of his chest. Then Thomas was standing in a bright, narrow hallway with Matthew on board the craft. It was at that time they would be separated. Thomas was taken to a room about forty feet in diameter.

A being stood next to a large screen that appeared to be part of the wall. Thomas was with the tallest gray who placed his hand on Thomas' left shoulder. Two other figures stood at assigned tables, while the fifth was with four-year-old Matthew. The taller Gray would communicate with the others, who would control the images on the screen, just in front of Thomas.

He was then shown images of a willow tree and visuals of what Thomas feels to have been a galaxy. The controls that the Grays used on these tables resembled Braille and were bronze in color. Something seemingly similar was also imbedded in a chest panel on their attire, and was used to control and communicate.

Matthew, the younger of the two brothers, would be kept back about 15 feet from this room in the hallway, Thomas turning his head repeatedly to make sure his brother was still there. Matthew was standing to the right of what Tom felt was the being assigned to him, just before he was removed out of his sight.

The craft had smooth, white hallways and no chairs. There were five beings on the craft, the main Gray who seemed to have befriended Thomas, made him feel important; the interest was in Thomas' biological make up, Thomas was important. This would be Thomas' indoctrination.

Matthew was in an entirely different part of the craft, but the boys would be returned home together. The next day, Thomas arrived home from school, he took his horse, Thunder, from his mother's stable and with clear memory within an hour would locate where the craft had landed within a quarter mile of his house.

In 1966 Thomas was abducted for a second time; he was in conversation with his brother in the bottom bunk moments before he was abducted. Matthew first saw the flashes of light, heard the rattle of hinges, then he was talking to an empty bed. Matthew watched much of the Grays abduction process, as well as after the abduction, before he was abducted himself.

The Grays moved silently from room to room they also had a soft, white glow about them while a now referenced and referred to, Reptilian supervised. Matthew would run and hide behind his mother's bed.

Within seconds Matthew would see an illuminated Gray hovering at the bottom of his grandmother's bed just feet away. Matthew states he froze in panic. The Grays lined up and left the room together, but the Reptilian scanned the room before he followed the others.

Matthew woke his mother to look for Thomas when a door slammed behind Matthew. Now Matthew was also gone.

Nancy and the grandmother were frantic, they searched the grounds, hours passed, then in an instant the boys were in the driveway, pale and frightened, just staring at each other, eyes locked. Nancy immediately takes the boys inside, sits them at the kitchen table.

With wet towels, blanket, and juice, she cares for them. Nancy gives them aspirin. The boys finally fell asleep together on the sofa in the living room. Nancy watched over them the entire night.

In 1969, the grandmother Nancy and the two boys were coming home in their dark blue station wagon after a local horse show in the area when they saw an enormous craft. Thomas said it looked like a flying strip mall. Windows surrounded the entire craft, white and red lights came from under what looked like windows, the lights looked as if they shot out and went on and off.

This craft paced their car on the driver's side for several miles behind the trees that lined the side of the road. During this abduction of Thomas' entire family, he could hear his mother calling for him while he was being held in an open holding area close to the size of a football field before being taken to a very small room with five beings who were not present in previous abductions.

In this cramped white and well lighted room, they had Thomas lay on a table. Thomas broke free and ran out an opening into a huge, complex, intersecting hallway that had markings on the floor. He stopped, disoriented, and did not know where to run. He was taken back to the examining table by his escort, where he was covered with a large tube that resembled a MRI machine with holes in it.

Small patches were placed on the left side of his body and a device on the top of his head, and then was returned to the station wagon.

When Thomas awoke, the grandmother was standing in the middle of the road, Matthew was unconscious in the back seat, Nancy was in the front passenger seat, and Tom was returned behind the driver seat. Thomas was the second to awake, and saw his grandmother walking aimlessly in the street.

He left the station wagon to lead his grandmother back to the car. By the time he could reach her, she had stumbled into a store that sat by itself on the opposite side of the road. When Tom got to her she was holding on to a child's stroller, just moving it back forth with her head down, lost and scared.

Thomas walked back to the car with his grandmother, she would break out in tears, but got back to the car to find Nancy conscious, and now in the driver seat. Not a sound would be heard during the ride back to the house.

This incident caused the family to sell their horses and home and move a good half hour away to a nearby town closer to the mother's job. The new house, strangely enough, had a huge willow tree.

Not long after moving into the new home, orbs appeared in Tom's bedroom, hovering for ten minutes or more. He watched every move, noticing the difference in movement and color.

A week or so passed and on a clear day, Thomas was walking along the road next to a park with friends, eating some chips, and heading to the benches, when a VW Bug-sized orb appeared in the sky at about 50 feet up, over the park. This orb was traveling at about 70 miles an hour.

It came at Thomas' group, turned left and flew parallel to the ground until it rose to clear a house, at the bottom of the hill. It had swirls of orange and red in it, but there was no heat or sound. No mention of any of these events was made due the political aspirations of Thomas' stepfather, who would run on the Democratic ticket indorsed by Senator Christopher Dodd, and be elected Mayor.

Thomas had a motorcycle accident in Hartford, Connecticut, causing him to be hospitalized. For the next ten years, there were no visitations and Thomas's family went on with their lives.

Angie, Thomas' future wife, would move in with him. Angie AB Rh negative, became pregnant and things started up again. After leaving a black tie dinner at a local country club, Tom and Angie witnessed the landing of a craft within 100 yards of their car in Glastonbury, Connecticut.

Thomas shared the family abduction history from the start with Angie, and how his mother was first abducted in 1954. When his mother and as difficult as it was to talk about, discussed it back in the 1950's with her mother, Thomas' grandmother, the grandmother would reveal to Nancy she also had been abducted as a child.

Tom continued with the history and due to the pregnancy, would share his thoughts regarding the indoctrination period of select children.

Thomas and Angie moved to Fort Myers, Florida, where their son, Christopher was born. After Chris is taken home, he is found moved from face up to face down in his crib. Other effects such as rocking chairs rocking with nobody in them occurred.

Around the same time, a televised news report of a local man abducted from Fort Myers Beach makes local news. Tom and Angie were now concerned for Christopher.

Thomas contacted the Miami MUFON chapter in 1994. Thomas and Anglia attended an abduction group in Fort Myers, and the investigation began. At this time, he handed over the drawings of symbols that he remembered from his time aboard the craft to the abduction's group director, who forwarded them for verification.

When they were returned, it was stated that they matched markings never before revealed to the public. Thomas speaks with Mary Zimmer, MUFON Assistant State Director. Angie became exhausted dealing with the abductions, and she had now had enough.

Chris remained with Thomas after he and Angie divorced. Chris is a gifted boy and has been placed in accelerated programs and is especially high, in the 99 percentile in math by the 2nd grade.

In 2005, Thomas was struck while sitting at a stoplight by tractor trailer truck in Boca Raton, Florida. He then moved to east Tennessee with Christopher, Matthew moved to Indiana. On his way home from work in April, 2009, Matthew awoke several miles off his normal route home with three hours of missing time.

MUFON is contacted by Matthew. Investigator Stewart Hill will document that the rear of the SUV is affecting a compass. There are other reports of UFO activity in the area. Thomas spoke with his brother Matthew and in time would also file a report with MUFON.

Thomas also files a report with Steve White, a C.C. Detective with the Roane County Sheriff's Office and an Investigator with MUFON, after Thomas and his girlfriend are again experiencing activity in their home.

Chris has another series of awful nose bleeds. Steve and Thomas go over 50 years of abduction reports. Steve contacts the Assistant Director of MUFON in Miami who had been in contact with Thomas for over ten years. He also looks into Matthew's April, 2009, MUFON report.

On February 2, 2010, Thomas awoke at 2:35 AM, to find himself hovering over his bed in a frozen state in an illuminated room. His feet and legs were near the ceiling fan, and his head and neck were on the bed and pillow, his arms were fixed to his side.

With every bit of his strength he was able to move his arm about two feet to the bed's headboard. He could not breathe or move for about 15 seconds. Then the room darkened and he was back in his bed and still wide awake.

A person with a camera was caught filming Thomas and Chris around the side of a neighbor's home. Chris chased the man on an ATV until he ran to the road and was picked up by a red SUV, whose driver was a woman in a gray shirt and black coat. Chris got most of the license plate number, and turned it into Steve with MUFON.

Thomas awoke again in February in the same frozen state, unable to breath, wide awake this time sideways in the bedroom floating next to the window above his tanning bed, feet next to the window. The only thing he could move was his eyes, again 2:33 in the morning.

Thomas met with Steve and the Director of the Tennessee MUFON Chapter in Knoxville. He is asked if Thomas would agree to speak alongside of Travis Walton in Nashville in September, 2010. Thomas agrees and per MUFON's request, undergoes regression hypnosis.

Both Thomas and his son Christopher have in the past exhibited some form of remote viewing capability with Chris exhibiting more than Thomas. Some of Christopher's ability was witnessed by the Knoxville Hypnosis Center, June 16, 2010.

Thomas would meet MUFON'S Investigator Steve White at a licensed polygraph service in Knoxville. This well respected polygraph office has been in business over 20 years. It is owned and operated by a retired police officer.

This same officer discussed the events and history for over 3 hours in detail before submitting Thomas the polygraph. Tom passed the polygraph test dated 08-04-10 with a reading of: 0.1 (99.9%).



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These alien abduction stories were taken with permission from the UFO Casebook

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