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First Contact With Aliens

When will first contact with aliens happen? That is a question that is on a lot of ufo minded persons. In all probability humans have already had first contact with aliens. However that first contact was not made public. Many people believe that the government and also the air force know about aliens and they have already made contact with aliens. If they have made first contact with aliens, they never made a public statement about it.

First contact may happen with the government first admitting that they knew about ufos and aliens, and then they will say something like, and now meet for the first time (some alien species in particular).

That is one way that first contact with aliens may come about.

Another possible way is that a ufo will come down from the sky and land in a public place, where everyone will be able to see it. The alien will come out of his ship and try to communicate with us. That would be a wonderful day, especially if the aliens are friendly.

If the aliens aren`t friendly then first contact could possibly be with an attack on our planet, which is not what many people are hoping for.

Some people have put a date on when aliens will contact humans, some are daying December 21, 2012. They are putting this date in accordance with the Mayan calendar, which predicts the end of "something" on that date, maybe they are referring to our being alone in the universe.

Some people have put a further away date for first contact with aliens, such as the Raelien movement. Rael of the raeliens (a cult that believes in ufos), has even built an embassy for the aliens when they land. They even built a landing platform for their ship.

You see Rael claims that he met an alien, and spent several days with him in his ship. The alien told him they would come several years later, (about 2035 at the latest according to Rael).

This is an interesting story and you can read more about it at this site.

First contact with aliens in any case would be a defining moment in Earth`s history, when will they contact us, who knows, it could be any time. The SETI group has been trying to make contact with aliens by using radio signals. They have been at it for several years without any luck though. But who knows maybe some day they will succeed.

Let`s hope that friendly aliens do make first contact with humans soon, we could use the help.

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